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We guarantee the highest quality workmanship in the construction industry, established for 10 Years

Specialist Scaffolding

While our basic scaffolding packages are different, if you’re looking for something different or more specific, don’t hesitate to approach us at Scaffolders Plymouth. After listening to your query and requirement in detail, we will provide you with a budget-friendly specialist quote for scaffolding.

Dommestic Scaffolding

As Scaffolders Plymouth, we also offer domestic scaffolding that is used for residential properties, including flats and houses. If any assistance is needed for renovating or re-painting the property, our scaffolding can assist you and make your life easier as well as safer. Home or flat owners can contact us anytime for a quote as our quotes are very reasonable.

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Commercial Scaffolding

For commercial-based projects, we have scaffolding that can be used to cover multiple and diverse projects and buildings according to your needs. As buildings are public places, and commercial projects can be more dangerous, we ensure that the quality requirement of the scaffolding is met properly. Our scaffolding also comes with guidelines for first-time users to reduce the risk of accidents and damage when using them.

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Plymouth Scaffolding


Looking for scaffolding Plymouth for construction purposes can be difficult, especially if you’re not aware of how the process works. As Scaffolders Plymouth, our job is to erect temporary scaffolding on different construction and building sites as well as people’s homes so that they can do their jobs easily without worry. With the help of our Scaffolders, roofers and other construction trades can work on heights safely. Whether the scaffolding is required inside a building, on a construction site, or during building demolition, we at Scaffolders Plymouth got it all covered. 

Need a quote?

If you are in need of scaffolding for the construction of a building or renovation of a house, then we are the ones who you should approach. As scaffolding Plymouth providers, our process with our clients is very smooth and professional. We know exactly what our clients are looking for, which is why we have many returning loyal customers who love the way we provide our expert services.  

There are many people who are afraid to use scaffolding services because there is a risk involved in its use. The best part about our services is that we have an expert team who assesses the strengthens of the scaffolding before sending it to the client. This way, we are certain that the scaffolding will not cause any inconvenience to the workers or break down in the middle of the construction process.  

If you would like a quote for a specialist, domestic, or commercial scaffolding, then you can approach us now without any delay. Our rates vary from project to project, which is why we need the details from the customers before we can provide an estimated quote.  

We prefer visiting the property for measurement and analysis before giving the quote, and we can send over our workers whenever it is suitable for you. However, if you want to send us the measurements yourself, that is also possible. As soon as we receive the measurements, we will provide you with a quote so we can take the deal further.  


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Our Work

At scaffolding Plymouth, we provide everything from scratch, including the erection and dismantling of the metal scaffolding. We also provide security and safety guidelines to the construction workers to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries. We understand that construction is a risky and hardworking job which is why we don’t compromise on the material of the scaffolding. With high-quality and fine materials used, our metal scaffolding is the best that you’ll find in Plymouth as our trained workers oversee the erection and dismantling themselves.  

With over 20 years of experience, we at Scaffolders Plymouth have dealt with many loyal customers in the domestic and commercial scaffolding areas. We believe in providing excellent and reliable customer services, which is why our team always follow a professional code of conduct. The customer requirements and demands mean a lot to us, and we ensure that we follow the instructions that are given to us by the clients.  

We make sure that the scaffolding is delivered on time and not delayed, as we understand the importance of construction timings and deadlines. As professionals, we believe in accommodating our client requests to the best of our ability, and we also make time for urgent scaffoldings jobs when required.  


Commercial & Domestic


We can come out to your property if your in Plymouth or surrounding areas and give you a quote.


If your looking for Commercial scaffolding let us know the specifics and we will give you a quote.



If you’re worried about high prices or not being able to afford expensive scaffolding, then there’s no need to worry. We at Scaffolders Plymouth ensure that our rates are budget-friendly for everyone and are competitive in comparison to the market prices.  

We strive to provide you with exactly what we promise, and it is our goal to deliver the best product with the most high-quality materials used for production. With our friendly and courteous staff, you won’t face any issues when inquiring about further details and information. Our friendly and trained staff also gives the best advice when our clients are confused about the scaffolding requirements.  


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